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TEDx: As part of the TEDx San Diego Salon, “Revelations”, I talk about how art and science have intersected in my life in the form of podcasts. It turns out that having a mode for self expression outside of my scientific research has been a great way to get through the harder times in graduate school.  Creativity and storytelling have enriched my life in many ways and I hope telling the stories of other scientists through audio can enrich other lives as well!

The Neuroscience of Bats: A collaboration with Neurotransmissions where we talk about some of my favorite mammals, bats!  We delve into echolocation and how bat’s brains are specialized to navigate the night sky using sound.

Teach the Geek Interview:  I talk with Neil Thompson, creator of Teach the Geek to Speak, about my career, public speaking, making podcasts, and more.  If my voice sounds different it’s because I have a cold.  Also, the purring sounds are likely from my awesome cat, Beluga, who was sitting on my lap for the second half of the interview.