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Salk Talk: Listen to my first audio pieces about some really amazing researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. I created this podcast and brought it to the communication directors at the Salk who decided to give it a website of its own.  Unfortunately, I had to stop making podcasts for the Salk after starting Rad Scientist but the episodes I made are still available for your listening pleasure.

Story Collider: A first person account of a college summer spent doing field research on Lyme disease. I’m mostly alone in the woods of upstate New York and I find it difficult to confront an insufferable colleague and a supervisor who backs out of his promise. It’s a story about what it felt like to be young and subdued and how it took time to find my voice and understand my worth.

KCRW Radio Race: Fox and the Hound: Warning: this piece contains adult themes. Two pets wait for their owners.  Produced with Nate John (who makes this amazing podcast ) as part of the 2018 KCRW Radio Race.  The piece placed in the top ten out of 150 submissions. 

How Sound: It’s a typical day for Aaron Burbach, a veterinarian in Marfa,Texas.  He’s takes a trip to clean the teeth of thoroughbred named Bum. I tag along to document the journey and listen to stories about his run ins with exotic animals and even more exotic owners. 

Crowdfunding for Science: KPBS reporter David Wagner read an article that I wrote about the use of crowdfunding to support scientific research and reached out for an interview.  This was before entering the KPBS explore program and before I began studying fruit flies.